BibViz Needs a Makeover

TheHonestAtheistMay 29, 2016

In argumentation and debate, I desire to remain open minded and willing to listen. I desire to remain honest and truthful in presenting the opposing side and in answering questions.

With my experience as a Christian, I amassed a wealth of information and knowledge regarding the Christian faith and practice. Previously, I took a keen interest in theology and apologetics. One online resource I began to read and assess as a Christian was BibViz--an online layout of the Bible's inaccuracies and discrepancies. Certainly as a Christian I found it distasteful and out of line.

Now as an atheist, I find it deceptive and unfair in many respects. Yes, the Bible is inaccurate, judgmental, old-fashioned, man made, impractical, and condemning, but it does not hold as many contradictions as BibViz attempts to show it has.

As a result, my honesty has led me to compiling a list of some of the alleged contradictions that I will attempt to dispel. Again, I submit the Bible is wrong, but my knowledge may help some others decide.

Below I've responded to a few of the contradictions on the list in a fashion I would likely respond if I was a Christian (by number, with my answer preceded by an "A:")--

  • 2. Was Abraham justified by faith or works?

    • A: To my knowledge, Old Testament justification is a continual process that is brought about by works, which are an avenue of the faith the believer has in the Lord God. However, as Paul and other authors point out, no one can fulfill the law perfectly, so that is why the New Testament and the work of Jesus was necessary. He made it so that works were not the justification. However, James talks a lot about how works are an evidence of faith in the Lord, and that faith without these works is dead. In a New Testament gospel reflection, James pinpoints how Abraham's works were really evidence of his solid faith in the Lord. So, if you asked someone around the time of the Old Testament, the answer would have been: works. But no one can say they are justified by works post-New Testament, for it is the work of Jesus Christ that saves the Christian.
  • 11. The two contradictory creation accounts.

    • A: The second is merely an expansion on the first; there is no contradiction.
  • 15. How should adulterers be punished?

    • A: There are a number of people, Christian and not, that do not understand many of the laws in the Old Testament were made no longer necessary because Jesus came and fulfilled the Old Testament. This is one such law: the stoning of the adulterer. Jesus made a way for such a sinner to repent and be forgiven. Many commentators also suggest in this passage that the teachers of the law had actually framed this woman as they did not bring the man to be judged too.

So, there is a few. There are contradictions in the Bible I cannot explain and do not think can be answered in a palatable way. I may expand on this section in the future. Let me know below if you would find it interesting.