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Raised scrupulously in Baptist ideology from birth, I later went on to school at Liberty University and found Christianity a farce.

One month prior to graduating from college, I rejected everything I had been raised to believe. Two months later I realized I was by definition an atheist and embraced it wholeheartedly. I was quickly engrossed in the writings of Nietzsche, Hume, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Douglas Adams.

I have been learning more and more since rejecting Christianity and can honestly say that I love it!

Presently I love having conversations with people on philosophy, ethics, morality, some on politics, religion, freedom, science, and humanism.

I feel very strongly that the expression of beliefs is important to freedom. I do not espouse a political removal of religion, but to educate people to show how damaging religion is. I do espouse eliminating religious education (creationism, pledge mentioning "under God," ten commandments on display, teaching the United States is a Christian nation, etc.) because the United States is a plurality of religions and cannot accommodate giving equal time to all of them. Creationism is a religious underpinning to a pseudo-science.

I am also an advocate of gender equality. I support the work of Jessica Alba who has shown just how successful the American businesswoman can be, or work like that of Emma Watson whose organization has defined a new era of egalitarianism, which benefits everyone.

I have started this website to educate and teach about atheism, logic, skepticism, and thought. I have been startled with the growing rise of people that refuse to think for themselves and rely on ignorance rather than investigating the truth. My goal and objective--my measure of success--will be if I can help people to think more, question more, rely on ignorance less, and understand what atheism is. Thanks for visiting.

If you are interested in helping me out, I appreciate it. This website is thankfully not reliant on donations as it is a side project for me (I'm a software developer by day). It is a pleasure to keep it going and I plan to as long as there is interest. I can assure you your donation will be put to good use.

You may also consider donating to other atheist causes that are more reliant on donations to keep them running. I have found the Atheist Community of Austin helpful, famous atheist YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn entertaining, and the James Randi Educational Foundation brazen. A big thank you from me if you contribute to their cause as well!

Non est deus!

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