Feminism and Surnames

TheHonestAtheistMay 2, 2016

You're seated in the sanctuary at an old church. You're a friend of the groom and know he's by no means religious, but you were a little surprised he and his soon-to-be bride picked this chapel to wed in. He gets up to take his vows with his beautiful bride, and suddenly, the minister announces the couple: Mr. and Mrs...

But it's her last name!

Now, at first you are a little shocked, because of course, it's not traditional. But then you remember neither is your friend, the groom, traditional. Of course you are polite and stand, applauding the new marriage. Nevertheless, you do have a strange feeling about it all.

So, I've begun thinking about the role of marriage and adoption of surnames--particularly because it is of interest to me. I wonder what other people's thoughts on the matter are: is it strange even for feminists, or should it become more common practice? Is the correct stance more of an agreed upon surname, or a barreled last name (hyphenated)?

I'm a feminist and would love to voice my support of my future fiancé by taking her last name. But perhaps this is silly or too extravagant. I'd love to hear your thoughts below.